MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

How Much Choice Do You Have In What You Think?

In my most recent In Control blog article, I spend some time considering the extent to which we actually choose what we think. With some things it seems trivially easy but with others it seems much harder to just adopt a different point of view. Understanding how goals work and how they function in a […]

Posted 12.02.21

Your Way is Not My Way

At least that’s the title of the latest article on the Psychology Today In Control blog. You can find it here: In this post I suggest that the ubiquitous habit of offering advice and suggestions to others might create more problems than it solves. Understanding how we are designed from a control perspective might […]

Posted 01.02.21

Who Wants To Be the Best

A new article has just been posted to the In Control blog. You can find it here: In this article I discuss the widespread practice of promoting the idea of “being the best you can be” or “living the best life you can”. What do these words mean? Does it make sense to use “best” […]

Posted 18.01.21

A Reconciled Mind

Another article has been added to the In Control blog on Psychology Today. You can locate the article here: In this article, I discuss the idea of a reconciled mind. I suggest that all forms of psychological distress and torment have, as their basis an irreconcilable state between two or more areas that a person […]

Posted 10.01.21

Who Is the Self In Self-Help Books?

Another article has been added to the In Control blog on Psychology Today. The article can be accessed here: In the article it is suggested that the “self” being referred to in “self-help books” is the author and not the reader! The implication is that if the reader does not find the information helpful, they […]

Posted 19.12.20

Who Cares What Others Want?

In the latest article posted to the In Control blog, I take some time to consider Powers’ quote: The childhood of the human race is far from over. We have a long way to go before most people will understand that what they do for others is just as important to their wellbeing as what […]

Posted 14.08.20

The Game of Life is No Game

For the latest In Control article: I consider what things might actually be like if life was a game. I suggest that it might be better being a picnic instead!

Posted 01.08.20

The Problem With Trying to Control

I’ve just posted another article to my In Control blog. The article is here: and looks in detail at the idea of “trying to control”. In the article I suggest that it’s the “trying”, not the “control”, that’s the problem.

Posted 26.07.20

What is Best for Others?

In my latest article on the In Control blog: I suggest that telling other people what to do is mostly counter-productive to harmonious relationship. Instead, we could offer to help them live the life they want to live, even if we don’t understand what that is or why they would want it. It’s a tough […]

Posted 13.06.20

Navigating the Pandemic of Information and Advice

I’ve just posted another article to the In Control blog in which I suggest that the amount of apparently helpful information about COVID-19 seems to be spreading just as rapidly as the virus itself. The article is here: in which I encourage people to be sceptical of advice and, as much as possible, to find […]

Posted 27.05.20

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