MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

When Is Helping Interfering?

In my latest article on Psychology Today’s In Control blog I discuss the differences between helping and interfering. You can find the article here My position is that the goals of the person being helped are decisive in determining whether or not someone’s efforts are experienced as helpful. I hope you find the article […]

Posted 02.09.22

Rethinking How Loud Actions Speak

I’ve just posted another article to my In Control blog on Psychology Today. You can find the article here: In the article I offer a different way of thinking about the proverb “Actions speak louder than words”. The main message once again emphasises the importance of goals in both building the world we want […]

Posted 01.08.22

A New Blog Article About Happiness and Misery

I’ve just posted a new blog article in my In Control blog on Psychology Today. The title of the article is Joy Doesn’t Need Despair. In the article I challenge the idea that great joy is measured relative to profound sorrow. I suggest, instead, that both joy and sorrow are linked to the goals we […]

Posted 01.07.22

Another Article on the In Control Blog

I’ve just posted another article to my In Control blog. You can find the article here: The article was inspired by a quote from Seeley Booth on an episode of Bones. Booth said “Sometimes you just have to dance to the music that’s playing.” There seemed to be a great comment here about the […]

Posted 27.08.21

Getting to Grips with Goals

A new article has just been posted to the In Control blog. This blog explains goals and the place they have in our day-to-day living. The article can be found here: There’s a provocative suggestion that we’re always achieving one goal or another. Sometimes when we continually fail at one goal it’s because we’re […]

Posted 22.07.21

A New Article for the Psychology Today Blog

A new article has just been posted to the In Control Psychology Today blog. The article is here: and discusses the limits that constrain the goals that we seek throughout our life. Some of those limits we are born with and have to do with our construction of beings matter of matter that can […]

Posted 31.05.21

Another In Control blog article

In this blog article I offer some reflections about mindfulness and the “living in the moment” initiative. The title of the blog article is called “Have You Ever Been Told You Should Live in the Moment?” which is odd from a control perspective because that’s all we ever do. I’m aware that mindfulness seems to […]

Posted 01.03.21

How Much Choice Do You Have In What You Think?

In my most recent In Control blog article, I spend some time considering the extent to which we actually choose what we think. With some things it seems trivially easy but with others it seems much harder to just adopt a different point of view. Understanding how goals work and how they function in a […]

Posted 12.02.21

Your Way is Not My Way

At least that’s the title of the latest article on the Psychology Today In Control blog. You can find it here: In this post I suggest that the ubiquitous habit of offering advice and suggestions to others might create more problems than it solves. Understanding how we are designed from a control perspective might […]

Posted 01.02.21

Who Wants To Be the Best

A new article has just been posted to the In Control blog. You can find it here:¬† In this article I discuss the widespread practice of promoting the idea of “being the best you can be” or “living the best life you can”. What do these words mean? Does it make sense to use “best” […]

Posted 18.01.21

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