MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

Highly successful MOL workshops

I’ve just returned from the UK where I delivered two highly successful MOL workshops. A one-day introductory workshop was conducted at the University of Manchester and a three-day workshop was conducted at the University College London. The response at both workshops was overwhelmingly positive with one participant at the London workshop describing the event as “life changing”. In addition to the workshops there was a range of papers, symposia, and clinical roundtables at the BABCP conference in Manchester. The clinical roundtable showcasing ACT, Motivational Interviewing, and MOL was outstanding. It was fascinating to see the three therapies “in action” and to compare their processes when used with the same “client”. MOL and PCT have received an unprecedented level of exposure this year which augurs very well for the future.

Posted 08.08.17

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