MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

London Workshop

A highly successful MOL workshop was held at the University College London on 1 July. The workshop was organised by Vyv Huddy. The day was characterised by lots of probing questions and great discussions. Email contact after the workshop indicated that there was a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for the approach. It’s always fantastic to see how these ideas are received by clinicians and students. The general concepts really seem to resonate with people and it’s always fun exploring the details and finer points. I know Vyv is keen to establish a peer support and supervision group in the area so it will be terrific to see how things develop. There’s another workshop planned for the 21 July in Manchester and, before that, I’ll be visiting the Six Degrees Social Enterprise in Salford with Warren Mansell and I’ll be filming some more MOL demonstrations with Warren and Sara Tai.

Posted 05.07.15

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