MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

MindSurf: A work in progress

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve experienced the buzzy excitement of having my very own app released on the iTunes store and the extremely grounding disappointment of discovering that the app isn’t working as it is supposed to. I’ve had some very helpful emails from people who have downloaded the app and have found it hasn’t worked as it should. Please keep sending those emails in. Hopefully you won’t have to for much longer but I pass all of them on to the coders. This first glitch seems to have been because of an incompatibility in the coding of the app with different time zones. The coders have been working to correct this and an update is currently being reviewed by Apple and should be released in the next few days on the iTunes store. It’s a wonderfully groovy app when it’s behaving as it’s supposed to so I’m fully expecting that you’ll all be experiencing the benefits of the app very shortly. Thanks for your patience so far.

Posted 30.10.14

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