MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

New MOL demonstrations and discussions

In July 2015 when I visited the UK I had the opportunity to conduct some MOL sessions with two people I previously hadn’t met. I am extremely grateful to Rachel and Stuart for giving up their time and engaging so unreservedly in their MOL sessions. Because of their efforts I’ve been able to add some new video clips to the MOL website. One of the videos is an entire MOL session with Stuart. The session lasts for about 63 minutes. There are also clips of both Stuart and Rachel discussing with Sara Tai their experiences of their MOL sessions. The final video added is a short clip of me explaining the three fundamental principles of control, conflict, and reorganisation. I hope you find the new videos useful resources in your efforts to become a more effective MOL therapist.

Posted 01.01.16

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