MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

New Publication about Therapeutic Change

A paper recently published by my friend and colleague, Rick Marken, and me has been added to the MOL Publications page. The paper adds to our knowledge of the change process in therapy by outlining the reorganisation model of change suggested by Perceptual Control Theory (PCT; In general, we suggest that there are two types of change we can consider. One type of change involves learning new skills and abilities whereas the other change doesn’t. The change that doesn’t require the acquisition of anything new is actually just the routine process of control. Each time we drive our car from home to work we change the actions we use because the traffic conditions are different every¬†time but we don’t need to develop any new techniques in order to do this. The types of problems that generate psychological distress, however, often do require new skills and abilities. That’s where the PCT process of reorganisation comes in. In this paper, we explain reorganisation in detail and also talk about some of the implications for therapy. I hope you find the article¬†interesting and useful.

Posted 05.11.14

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