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Release of MindSurf

The new iPhone app, MindSurf, based on MOL questioning was released today on the iTunes store. In 24 hours or so it will be possible to search for the app using the search function on the iTunes store but, for now, two links will get you to the app. You can use this link: or this shorter one:

The app is designed to send questions to your phone using push notifications at random times throughout the day. You are able to specify the number of questions per day you want to receive and also when you want the questions to start and stop. The app will then send the specified number of questions at random times throughout the day. The questions will be things like: “What’s going through your mind right now?”, “What goal are you focussed on at the moment?”, and “Who is the you you are being just now?”. When people receive these questions there is the opportunity to type out an answer or say an answer out loud. Nothing is recorded at all but the invitation is to help express an inside thought so there is the opportunity to reflect on it when it is considered from the outside coming in.

I hope you find the app really useful in helping you stay on track and live the sort of life you’d like to live.

Posted 23.10.14

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