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Santa Claus and Chemical Imbalances

A new article has been posted on my Mad in America blog at The article compares the Santa Claus creation with the myth of the chemical imbalance. The similarities are striking in terms of what they are used for and how successful they have been. The differences, however, should not be ignored. There is a great deal of stigma associated with mental health when it is explained in terms of chemical imbalances whereas no-one is stigmatised for believing in Santa Claus. People can experience difficulties if they do believe in the chemical imbalance and also if they don’t believe in it. Very few problems are experienced by people who believe in Santa Claus. The most defensible conclusion is that the chemical imbalance idea needs to be jettisoned so that we can begin to work towards a far more effective and sophisticated approach to assisting people experiencing psychological distress.

Posted 16.10.16

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