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Who Wants Inequality?

This is the question I pose as the title for my latest In Control blog article on Psychology Today. You can find the article here: In this article I discuss health and social inequalities in the context of goal achievement. I suggest that, with individuals, if you notice over an extended period of time the way they are and the things they do, you can get a good sense of the things that are important to them. We can apply the same reasoning at a global level and suppose that, for inequalities to have existed for as long as they have, and, indeed, for them to be getting bigger, not smaller, then some of the world’s major decision makers must want the inequalities to exist. Goals such as economic growth and profits for shareholders seem to be more important than a world of balance where everyone has the opportunity to live a contented life. Only when those people change their goals will we see tangible and lasting change.

Posted 17.03.20

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