MOL focusses on the distress underlying any particular symptom pattern rather than the symptoms themselves

New Publication about PCT and MOL

A new publication has just been added to the publications page. The lead author is Sarah Alsawy and Warren Mansell, Phil McEvoy, Sara Tai, and myself are co-authors. The paper suggests that PCT could provide a very useful theoretical framework to inform CBT approaches in general and examples are provided of how PCT might help improve our understanding of different aspects of the therapeutic process. The change process in therapy is explained from a PCT perspective and therapeutic techniques such as exposure and behavioral activation are also discussed. The Method of Levels (MOL) is outlined and the implications for health services and how we understand help-seeking are considered. Key therapeutic recommendations are listed and a number of useful tables are provided throughout the paper. This publication will be a really useful resource for people who want to know more about PCT and MOL and also who might want to understand were the theory and the therapy might be situated with other models of therapy.

Posted 12.11.14

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